Loving the London weather!

As a couple, having worked in London, UK for nearly 4 years, we were always struggling to get to the office without being soaked by the rain. Either walking to/from the underground, stepping out a taxi that is not allowed inside the company premises, or (when travelling outside the city) just getting to our own car that was parked miles away.

We have gone through our fair share of umbrellas along the way. Some very nice and colorful, but ready for the garbage bin after a little bit more than a strong breeze. Some others strong and wind-resistant, but not necessarily what you want to have on you when meeting that important business client. This made us work on a design of our own, while keeping in mind the safety of maneuvering through the city in the dark with rain.

Providing towards safety, protecting from the rain, and strength leading to endurance, even in the heaviest of the oh-so-loved London storms. All of this while also having an elegant appeal when out for business in a variety of colors suitable for all genders... say hello to The Elite Umbrella.