Nov 19, 20

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Umbrella?

To many, it's just a device that is used to keep people dry in rain and snow or occasionally to shade people from the sun.

But when it comes to "The Elite Umbrella," it's not only your normal umbrella that is meant to help you navigate through stormy weather. The Elite Umbrella is a superior quality, luxurious umbrella brand meant for anyone who dares to live life in the fast lane. Those people wearing the finest suits and going to the funkiest parties. And if they are going to get caught up in a storm, they get caught up in style with the luxurious Elite Umbrella.

Are you one of those people who dares to be what they want to be?

Living life totally unapologetic about your style?

If you are, then this umbrella is meant just for you. Go to our store at and make your order today! We provide free shipping and delivery to the U.S.A, Canada, and the U.K. Plus, if you order more than 2, we have a deal for you; you get 20% off! The Elite Umbrella is offered in four delicately appointed lavish, robust, and epicene colors, comfortably furnishing you with a distinct sentiment.


The benefits of owning The Elite Umbrella

  • Protection from the stormy weather.

The Elite Umbrella is designed to shield you from the sunrays and prevent you from getting all soaking wet during the rainy season. Avoid getting caught up in the morning drizzle on your way to work by making your order today! Also, you will be able to avoid those bad hair days after walking through the morning drizzle. It also has a silicon-ceramic water repellent that has been applied to its complete textile, and as a result, providing you with full protection from rainwater.

  • It has an LED beam that illuminates your pathway.

The Elite Umbrella is integrated with a downward-facing LED beam that illuminates your pathway. This increases visibility when you are walking in poorly lit surroundings, making it luminescent.  

  • It's visible to oncoming traffic even during the night.

 The Elite Umbrella is designed with a reflective periphery that appears as an Angel! This guarantees an increase in visibility by oncoming traffic, making it ranked as the best umbrella safety-wise.

  • The Elite Umbrella is designed to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

The best way to avoid those severe sunburns during summer is to purchase an umbrella that is specifically designed to block the harmful sunrays. In other words, you can describe the Elite Umbrella as the "first sunblock to be invented." Order one today to avoid sunburn, wrinkles, and skin aging!

  • It's portable.

The Elite Umbrella is a lightweight umbrella making it highly portable and just the perfect size, hence fitting comfortably in your handbag or backpack. Each umbrella is also accompanied with a premium quality leather sleeve, carefully consolidated, within an elegant presentation encasement.

  • It's pretty affordable.

Unlike most luxurious umbrellas, the Elite Umbrella is not overpriced either. It's quite affordable to anyone, and despite that, it still maintains its luxurious touch. It also has an aluminum alloy, wind-resistant skeleton that guarantees pivotal endurance! Even in the most substantial of winds, it makes an excellent investment should there be a rain forecast.


Not convinced yet?

Take a look at what our customers are saying about The Elite Umbrella.

Liam A.

Last month it rained when I was on my tour of Chicago. It was the first heavy rain since last winter. And of course, the weatherman had got it wrong that day. As a result, I got stuck in heavy showers a few miles from where I had parked my car. That day, I purchased four umbrellas from the streets, and none seemed to withstand the strong winds. Each one of them would get bent over! I went home really frustrated with how my day had turned out. Then a week ago, I came across this Elite Umbrella. I made an order and within two days, it had already arrived. I tried it out the same day it arrived, and it is as they had suggested! It has a flashlight, so no more worries when I am working in a dark alley. It also has a reflective ring that makes me visible to oncoming traffic. I definitely would recommend it to anyone. It's the umbrella from the future! 


Did you know?

  • Umbrellas are making a comeback as the latest must-have fashion accessories.
  • A large number of people apply sunscreen when going to the beach, without the knowledge that, if you walk outside under the fierce sun even for a quick errand, you risk getting exhausted and sweaty. The sweat wipes off all the sunscreen you had applied earlier, leaving your skin exposed to the dangerous UV rays.
  • A few centuries back, servants in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China wielded large umbrellas over their rulers to shade them from the sun.
  • In Europe umbrellas were never made for personal use until the 17th and 18th centuries. Fashionable, wealthy women used them often to showcase their social status, due to the umbrella's high cost.
  • The most expensive umbrella costs around $50,000, and it's made from high-quality crocodile skin. It's referred to as the Billionaire Couture Crocodile Skin Umbrella.
  • The word "umbrella" is derived from the Latin word "umbra," which means shadow since an umbrella was first designed as a shield from the sun. With time, it evolved to be used as a shield from the rain.
  • The earliest known umbrella can be traced back to Ancient Egypt during the fifth dynasty at around 2450 BC.
  • There is a National Umbrella Day that is held on 10th February every year.
  • In the Catholic Church, there is an umbrella referred to as umbraculum and is used as official papal regalia.
  • An umbrella can also be referred to as a parasol, a name of French origin, meaning “shields from rain.”
  • The first man to publicly carry an umbrella was referred to as Englishman Jonas Hanway.


The Elite Umbrella will be the item you use regularly. Whether it’s to protect you from the sun, the wind or the rain, this umbrella will work for you, no matter what. Get your Elite Umbrella today.

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